jimmy Tran

Some people are blessed to find their passion in life early on. For me it took 25 years, some world traveling, and a typical 40 hour/week career. I finally found a true passion in videography and photography and have spent almost every minute of free time dedicated to bettering my craft, technique, and knowledge. Now I am transitioning careers and could not be more excited and driven. 

My whole life I felt like I had some kind of creativity in me but I didn't know how to showcase it. I could not, for the life of me, draw/paint/or even color at all. I am a great singer...in the car.....with the music turned all the way up. Instruments?....yeah...nope.

Videography has been my creative release and it's open a whole new world for me and I bring that world to you. From weddings to business promos, I love creating a unique piece of visual art for each project.

I love meeting people and learning about them. I feel like everyone has a story to tell, some may be more exciting than others but we all have reasons why we are the way we are. I think that in each of these stories, we can all learn something.