Not all loves are a slamming screen door, TAYLOR

I can go ahead and give you the typical vendor "blah, blah, blah" but I won't. All I know is each love story is special and I seek to create not only a video or film of your wedding day but a piece of art that is unique to you, your day, and your love.



Natalie and slade

A great marriage is rooted in friendship and that is exactly what Nat and Slade are. Both traveling nurses who worked together for years and became best friends before Slade finally asked her on a date. This wedding withstood torrential downpour all day and this couple braved it all and we were able to get amazing shoots and had a blast!

Morgan and Tanor

Always a special day when one of your childhood best friends gets married and even more special when you get to film it! These two are some of my favorite human beings and I was so honored to be part of their day.

Lauren and Kurtis

I don’t think there is a more “meant to be” couple than Lauren and Kurtis. All day you could just feel the love in the air. This wedding was full of joy and laughter and a few tears. Lauren works for a wedding magazine so of course the details in this wedding were also amazing especially their wedding coozies lol.

Bridgette and Jeremy

A bohemian wedding for the ages……This was truly one of the most beautiful wedding days i’ve ever been a part of. From the gorgeous venue to the heartwarming vows. Bridg and J’s love is truly one of a kind. From following them on social media and seeing all of the over the top gestures they are constantly doing for each other, it’s no wonder their wedding day was amazing. Bridgette and Jeremy married on November 24th, 2018 at Chandler’s Gardens in Mckinney TX.

Sheridan and Josh

Well….where to start…..

Ive known the groom since we were in sixth grade. We grew up together, one of my best friends, and we are still close to this day. I’ve known the bride since high school. I met her at a powerlifting meet. We stayed in touch throughout the years, still one of my favorite people, also another close friend. Oh and here’s the kicker…..I basically introduced them to each other. So i’m basically their cupid. Such a special day for me to see them get married.

Kourtney and Cameron

It’s always special when I get to capture a wedding day for someone I grew up with. I went to school with Kourtney and her brother growing up. These two are a special couple and were very easy and wonderful to work with. This day was dedicated to their love and sharing that love with their close friends and family. Kourtney and Cameron married at Rockin R Ranch on November 3rd, 2018.

Caley and Devin

A wonderful couple and such an elegant wedding! Caley and Devin and Reeses (their puppy) made for a magical wedding day. One of the funnest couples I’ve worked with and the Devin is a dancing machine! Caley and Devin married on October 27th on the grounds of the beautiful Chicasaw Pointe and Resort.


One of the most unique love stories I have ever heard. Everything about this day was so beautiful and the venue was truly one of a kind! WARNING: tears, lots of tears….the bride surprised everyone by arriving to the ceremony in her late brother’s truck. Joni and Dylan married October 20th, 2018 at Pistols and Pearls in Talihina OK.


These guys put the PARTY in wedding party! This marriage was 6 years in the making. These two were such an amazing fun couple to work with. They truly love each other and you could feel it the whole day even when she “iced” him haha. Reagan and Jason married on October 13th in Rockwall TX.